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Forbidden uses
  1. Anything considered illegal in the United States.
  2. Copyrighted content or files you do not have rights to upload.
  3. Any form of pornography, including illustrations such as anime.
  4. Uploads to be hotlinked as website resources (CDN).
  5. Uploads to be used for malicious acts such as email spam.
  6. Discriminative content such as racism or sexism.
  7. Propaganda such as terrorism or fascist groups.
  8. Personal information including passports or driving licenses.
  9. Spam/mass uploading.

Violations or abuse of any kind will result in the relevant images being removed and your IP blocked.

Storage limitation

We currently don't shows ads anywhere on our website, due to this the costs of domains and/or servers are entirely out of pocket with the kind help of donators. This means we do not have an immense amount of storage, if the time comes when more funding is necessary we may implement ads.


We will never share your information and/or uploads with anyone unless absolutely required by United States law. Uploads are linked to your IP address once processed, strictly for abuse prevention. Uploads are not access logged.

This may change at any time. Last changed: 20/04/2018.